Intensive Italian Career Building Opera Performance Skills Masterclasses Voice & Diction Coachings


We are happy to build on what you already know, respecting your previous training and enhancing your skills. You will receive individual coachings from our skilled faculty. We will focus on the Italian repertoire you bring, perfecting diction, musical style, interpretation and vocal performance. The goal is to empower you to sing with confidence and ease.

Daily Italian Classes

Each weekday you will receive 3.5 hours of Italian instruction from the Scuola Italia at your level of ability. "IMMERSION" means you will be taught in Italian by Italians. Each singer will be assessed on the first day to find out what class is best for them and then be grouped by ability in separate classrooms. Then the learning begins!

Teachers are certified professionals who live and work in Italy. They run the Scuola Italia and teach foreigners how to speak Italian throughout the year. Each instructor is completely devoted to the progress of every singer.

Speak Italian right away! The teachers will work with you in Italian so that you learn basic expressions and how to carry on a simple conversation within days.

Trips to markets, cafes and restaurants in town are part of your training! The teachers will accompany you and introduce you to shopkeepers and wait staff. Everyone in town knows you are trying to learn Italian, and they will encourage you by listening and responding. Imagine what you can learn in 3 weeks!

Rehearsal and Performance

Through acting classes and staging rehearsals, you will focus on character development and movement. All sessions take place in the Teatro Zuccheri with our Opera Instructor and a pianist. In individual voice lessons and coachings with our collaborative artist staff, you will prepare for a concert of art song and chamber music, and your performance of selected opera scenes.

Practice rooms will be available in the evenings from 5-10 p.m. Even the rehearsal spaces are historic!

Career Workshops: Sharing Experience

The professional instructors of Lingua e Canto share vast experience in the national and international music business. As a team, we will offer several sessions discussing how to create a winning resume, what to plan for to get the best headshot, how to prepare for graduate school auditions, the business of networking, gaining access to regional opera and young artist programs, and sharing wisdom that can empower every singer in their pursuit of a career.